Ceremony: Reconstructed

Release Date: 2013-10-06
Available now on:

“Ceremony: Reconstructed” is an electronic redesigning of the tribal, raw instrumentation of lespecial’s 2013 release “Ceremony.” Each remix counterpart on the 16 track album features an invited guest producer who reinterprets the elements of “Ceremony” through their own lens.
released October 26, 2013

Mastered by Brendan Connors at Mastersuite Studios, Brookline NH.

All original music by lespecial: Luke Bemand, Rory Dolan, Jonathan Grusauskas.

Remixed by: Zebbler Encanti Experience, Space Jesus, Skytree, Supersillyus, GDP, Futexture, Blue Boy Productions, Bakir, Moduloktopus, Erothyme, eelko, Friendship (of the Hornitz), Esseks, Matt Carey, Stimulus Clan, Scott Hannay. and Subcreature.

A heartfelt thank you to all of the talented musicians involved in this project!